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Q: What's a good chastity device for me?

• There is no easy answer to this question because every wearer is different. All types of chastity devices balance two primary needs: security and wearability. What is the best chastity device for you may vary greatly, depending on those and other personal needs. Things such as your: lifestyle, physical dimensions, duration of chastity play, finances, physical sensitivity, metal allergies, piercings, etc., will all impact what is the best device for you. I strongly recommend looking at the links at the bottom of this FAQ and posting on the forums and boards linked there, with as much information as you can share to get feedback from other wearers. Be patient for responses, the best answers can sometimes take days or weeks to show up.


Q: What's types of chastity devices are available?

• There are two main types of chastity devices: belts & cages. Most refer to all styles as "belts" although that isn't very accurate. A cage is a device which covers the genitals but does not incorporate anything that loops around the waist. There are literally dozens (a hundred?) of different devices out there. They're made of all types of materials, and range in cost from just over $100 USD to well over $1,000 USD for custom made metal devices with custom locking systems, etc.

By far, the most common style of chastity devices that people get introduced to are cages. The most common introductory chastity designs are produced by A.L. Enterprises, Inc. or Novamedia. AL Enterprises started with the CB-2000 design around the same year, and have since added 3 other variations. They each come with 5 base rings of various sizes and are reasonably adjustable to fit most men. They however have limitations and many more serious chastity players consider them to only be starter chastity devices. The 4 designs will fit most men and are an affordable introduction to chastity play. They are the: 2000 (easier to clean, wider but shorter) - 3000 (more natural shape, medium sized) - Curve (larger size, bigger profile under clothing) and the 6000 (latest design, similar to the 3000 with some design alterations.) Novamedia began producing the Birdlocked device in late 2008, it's made of silicon and comes in one general size - they do make a version that is shorter than the other but all other dimensions are identical. Though these two companies are the most well known in the community, there are new chastity devices showing up on the market every few months. You can find a variety of places to buy them online, and most of the better fetish/BDSM stores often have them in stock so you can see them in person. Though obviously you probably won't be allowed to try them on in the fitting room. What device is best for you depends on your needs and budget - please check the links section at the bottom of this document for more information about other types of chastity cages & belts, particularly the device galleries links.

Q: What's are the parts and differences to each of the Miller's cages?

• Each of the Miller's chastity cages is made of 3 main parts.

1. The lock pin & spacers- which is standard to all 3. It fits through the ring into the shaft, and is where the lock goes to keep the cage on. The spacers are used to determine how far the ring and the cage are from each other.

2. The base "ring" which fits around the base of penis and testicles identically to a cock ring. The 2000 comes with a solid ring which requires more patience to get on, but works wonderfully as a cock ring when the cage portion is removed. The 3000 & Curve come with a hinged ring, which is easier to get on, but often considered not as comfortable to wear longer term as the solid ring. You can order hinged or solids separately - though they are a little more expensive that way.

3. The cage is the portion which fits the shaft of the penis. For measuring, the size of the penis when flaccid is what matters, since erections are strictly limited by the device anyway (that's part of the idea right?) The Curve design is the longest, and also has the most noticeable profile under clothing. Some folks like to switch to the Curve's cage for sleeping. The 3000 & 6000 are both considered the middle size, and are the most recent designs. The 6000 is the latest, and is slightly varied shape to the 3000. A little longer in the cage, but a little thinner as well. The way that the pin and base ring design changes helps it to be a more stable belt (less rattle) which many prefer. The 6000 ring is also easier for most to wear than the hinged 3000 ring, though it is trickier to put on. The 3000 fits the average sized man well, and is considered the many to be the most comfortable for long term wear. The 2000 is the original design, while it is shorter than the 3K/6K, is also a little wider, and is most "cage" like of the three - which can make it the easiest to keep clean. All of the types have openings "holes" in them to facilitate cleaning & lubrication of the penis while it's being worn. Though many find that they fill the holes on the cages as skin can get into the slots and become uncomfortable.

Q: Any suggestions on getting a comfortable and secure fit?

Comfort: First, I would like to encourage you to take your time getting used to whatever device you choose. It can take quite a while to find the right size, so don't rush it. Experiences of wearers putting the belt on and mailing away the key without significant time in figuring out the fit, often end disappointingly. Just to wear the device through the night can take quite a while getting used to for some men, and finding the exact balance of ring size & spacers can be a real trial. Your body, particularly the testicle sack will adjust as it becomes more accustomed to wearing the device. Some people wear just the ring for a while without the cage to get the testicles used to the sensation. Over time it is common that your body will changes in what works best for you, so keep that in mind as you get used to wearing the device.

Security: What is "secure" will vary from man to man. Obviously there has to be a certain level of understanding between partners when incorporating a chastity device into their relationship. There is no device that is 100% secure for all men. This level of security required for the chastity to be reasonably inescapable varies a great deal from man to man. So please read the section on security below for more information on this topic.

• Each cage has 2 guide pins, which extend from the cage and go into the ring. These are plastic and when the right size is found can be easily sanded/filed down to fit better. They should stop at the end of the ring, and not protrude into the body (unless that's fun for you) for maximum comfort. Finding the right size can take time. Some people find a very short distance between the cage & ring work well, others might prefer more room. Note: If you plan on using any of the add-ons, you will need to keep at least some room between the ring & cage, so be careful about filing the guide pins too far.

Additional Notes:
Sand it down! - Be sure to take some very fine sand paper and smooth out every single edge on the devices, the rings, etc. the devices are generally very well made and quite smooth, but by sanding and rounding all edges of it most people find that the device is significantly more comfortable. The only exception to this is the hinge of the 3000/curve style rings, which can become sharper by over sanding, so be wary of finding the sweet spot with it.

• Putting on a chastity device takes a bit of time (though it gets much easier over time) but ultimately you really need a willing person to be chastised. The stories about being physically "forced" into a chastity device are the stuff of fantasy.

Q: My scrotal sac is getting sore on the bottom. Any suggestions?

• Are you using the hinged rings that come with the 3000? Some people find they have an allergic reaction to the hinge itself, some have also found that the actual plastic area of the hinge can irritate. Some men use a Band-Aid for to cover the hinge area - the sleeves type Band-Aids that are used to protect toe corns are recommended by many. Many wearers end up ordering a solid ring and find it significantly more comfortable for wearing. You can order the solid rings individually straight from the manufacturer - here.

. Remarks by a another wearer: "As a point of clarification, when you say the skin between the ring and your anus are your referring to the perineum? That's the strip that runs from the bottom of the testicles to the opening of the rectum. If that's the case, your body might be simply adjusting to the weight of the cage. However if it's rubbing against the area that might also be simply a friction problem. Some users have found that less lube is better, as it helps prevent it from moving as much so they don't get chafed - though some adjustment about the way my sac hangs (every couple of hours perhaps) is good to help prevent any sores from the lack of movement. Different types of underwear can also support the cage differently. Some users prefer very tight briefs which hold the cage close to the body, others prefer no underwear to allow the cage to move more freely. It simply varies from person to person."

Q: What does it feel like to become aroused in a chastity device?

• In short, it depends on a lot of circumstances for each wearer, and what exactly is being worn. Generally for most people the feeling is mildly pleasant rather like a gentle squeeze. If it is significantly painful, then the wearer should try to modify their fit by using a different A ring or changing the spacers.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "I have several different "add-ons" for my CB 3000 that my g/f likes me to wear. It can range from an enjoyable pressure (similar to having the shaft of my penis squeezed when it's somewhat hard) to very unpleasant. The more pleasant is when I've not worn the belt for a longer period (less than 24 hrs) and it's just the belt as is. The longer I've worn it for the tougher it is as I start to develop blue balls after about 48 hrs and the dull ache can go be anything but dull after a certain point - the longest I've worn the belt at this point is 5 days btw. Most wearers report that after two weeks in the belt the body adjusts significantly and any blue ball ache goes away. The add-ons I have tried are the Kept4Her ring - but it was too tight and restricted normal fluid flow - especially at night. I enlarged it to hopefully make it a bit more forgiving, but it just didn't work for me. The other add on is the Points of Intrigue. Which I've only experienced the shortest ones and only for about 20 minutes and they were simply brutal for me - though there are some guys who claim to wear the POI 24/7, I guess it depends on how large their shaft is and their pain tolerance. I do suspect that the more elaborate steel belts are quite different. One side note, over the last 20 months of chastity play I have become more used to wearing the belt and relax a lot more so that I don't seem to fight the sensation as much - which has made it more comfortable, and creates a very unique and powerful emotional response. It's quite amazing really. It seems to take the more animalistic feeling of lust and replace them with a deeper more emotional (even spiritual) feeling that is more loving. That feeling is definitely a big part of the appeal of chastity play for me."

Q: What are some issues to consider when wearing the chastity device on a daily basis?

Airports - The devices come with plastic numbered locks that can be substituted for the regular metal lock when traveling. It has been reported repeatedly that the hinge on the 3000 ring does not set off the security. You can also buy additional plastic locks from the manufacturers, or plain ones at your local Target. Additionally, wearing a chastity device, or transporting a chastity device is not against TSA regulations. See this link for more information.

Belt Duration - What is long term is something that everyone defines for themselves. For most purposes I consider 2 weeks or more to be "longer term" - though some people have supposedly worn a device without being allowed to ejaculate for over a year. Others go for a month, or months at a time. Others weeks, and some days, or even just hours. Wearing the device for longer periods obviously can produce a different emotional response and usually will require some different ways to deal with normal physical health and functioning (such as prostate milking) to help keep the everything healthy. If you plan on longer term play we want to encourage you to do a good deal of research about all the various emotional and physical results that wearing a device for longer periods might result in.

Birdlocked Device - As much of this FAQ was written prior to the introduction of this device, I wanted to include a link to Tom Allen's in depth review he wrote after wearing the device for a few weeks - here is a link to his review: "La Cage au Coq"

Blue Balls - Blue balls is described as a cramp like ache caused by extended arousal without release. It is different from actually having blue/purple testicles which is caused by loss of blood flow by a too tight base ring. While some temporary discoloration is not an issue - (especially if it occurs only during a period of particular arousal) - extended loss of blood flow can be extremely unhealthy. Just as with any extremity, blood needs to move in and out of the area regularly - so if blood flow is restricted remove the device immediately (or do your best to reduce the swelling - ice is usually the best option.) While I've never heard of anyone suffering permanent damage from a too tight chastity device, it could happen. So be sure to get things sized correctly before you attempt to wear the belt for extended periods of time.

As to "blue balls" - what is the best options and the urgency for dealing with this can vary for each person. There has been much discussion regarding the value and importance of ejaculation through some form of release (such as prostate milking and long term prostate health) but nothing that seems significantly verified by reliable sources. If you plan to incorporate longer term chastity play, then I highly recommend doing your research. For some just massaging the perineum can help relieve some of the discomfort. Others find that wearing more supportive underwear resolves it, and others find that only releasing ejaculate resolves the discomfort - and I'm sure there are those even enjoy the discomfort. So, your mileage may vary.

. Additional note: Pain (not mild discomfort) is an indication that your body is saying something is wrong. Please respect your body's limits and needs.

Cage Splits - A small percentage of wearers have reported that their cage split at some point during normal use. The Millers offer a one year replacement warranty on any parts, so we encourage you to contact them (or wherever you purchased the cage) for a replacement. Others have used special acrylic cements, such as "Weld-on 3" (link) to re-seal the cage which works well as long as everything is thoroughly cleaned prior to trying to seal it.

Cleaning - All devices come with openings for cleaning and lubrication. Some folks use a squirt bottle to get water & soap inside the cage, others squeeze a finger tip in there, or use a q-tip and liquid soap. Others prefer to soak in a tub. Some find they need to remove the cage entirely (under supervision) to get it cleaned to their satisfaction.

Clicking Locks - Unless it is modified the lock will generally "click" against the cage when worn. Some folks use a rubber band around the lock, others put the band around the lock & chastity cage. Others use Velcro (outdoor waterproof kind is recommended) to stick the lock to the cage, others still use small rubber "dots" on the cage to silence it. Some people have sealed their lock in a plastic or rubber dip as well. While there are others who like to make the chastised male "click" while he's walking around.

Clothes - Most folks find it perfectly comfortable to wear jeans, slacks or shorts with the device on. But this can vary depending on what you need. Your clothing needs for working in an office will likely differ dramatically than if you drive a tractor trailer, or ride a bicycle 50 miles a day (yes, I know chastity wearers who fit all those descriptions. I suggest that if you find your regular clothing doesn't fit particularly well - do what I did. I went shopping while wearing my chastity belt and purchased a few pairs of pants and shorts that fit a bit better and allow for a little more room so there's not so much of a profile. I found that sitting long term (driving) can be difficult for some, so keep that in mind while trying to find a comfortable fit. I find that being able to make a slight adjustment to my testicle sack every hour or so makes wearing it much easier. A few hours in the car can get things out of position. Underwear preferences vary. Try out different styles & sizes to find what's best for you. Many wearers have specific underwear which they find works best for them by either holding the device in position more securely or by allowing for more room - preferences vary from person to person.

Emergency Keys - Many wearers report that their key holders allow them to keep an "emergency" key available for use in genuine emergency cases. What the best method for each couple varies, though most use a piece of paper with the key firmly taped to it, with the paper and signed by the keyholder. That way the key can be reached by pushing it through the paper, but removing the key will destroy the signature and the KH will know that the key has been removed. Some people talk about freezing the key in an ice block, however access to a key in that situation wouldn't be fast and if the key is there for emergencies - waiting while you boil a key out of a block of ice doesn't seem wise. Some get sophisticated lock boxes and put a spare key in there. Others simply hide a key within a reasonable distance and if it's needed, the keyholder can tell the wearer how to find it.

Exercise - Most folks have found that exercising (aside from anything that requires lying on your belly) is relatively easy & painless in a device. So feel free to work out. There are joggers & bikers who report no problems with the device (once they're accustomed to it.) If it is a greater concern for you, many have reported that the birdcage style device is particularly compatible because of it's flexible silicone design - so you might want to consider that over the CB-#### styles if you think it might be an issue.

. Additional note: Swimsuits can be a bit of an exception. The cage can produce a pretty good bulge in swim trunks, so keep that in mind - you might want to pickup some baggier ones, and "straighten out" prior to getting out of the pool. Some men wear a Speedo underneath more traditional swim trunks, as this smoothes the profile out. The Curve has by far the largest profile of the introductory devices, and the CB-2000 & Birdcage have the least noticeable.

Guide Pins Breaking - Sometimes if the Miller's style cage is dropped you can break the guide pins off. Fortunately they screw in and out, and you can buy replacement pins directly from the manufacturer.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "I dropped a cage on the floor and the pin broke off right at the base when it hit the ground squarely."

Health - There are two primary concerns with health - skin dryness/irritation and edema. Concerns about losing size from the penis have been repeatedly discarded by all long term members of the chastity community. There is also the more secondary concern of "blue balls" pain and general prostate health (see prostate milking below.) For skin dryness, wearers find that different lotions work well for them. Some prefer gold bond medicated, others prefer a milder lotion. Many find that using a different lubricant (or none) while wearing the belt helps their skin. Either way, if you plan to wear a belt for an extended period of time that is something you will have to experiment with to find what works well for you. Edema is when fluid becomes trapped within the skin. This can happen because the base ring is too small, an add-on device (such as the KSD) is too small, or perhaps skin has escaped through a slot in the belt and fluid has become trapped in it. Almost always, edema can be resolved by adjusting the fit of the device. In any case, if things become swollen with fluid - of any type, or the genitals become dark and cold (poor blood circulation) then you should adjust things to achieve a better fit. While most people have reported no problem, some wearers have had issue with the slightly rougher nature of the fabric on the birdcage device causing their skin to rub. There are also others who have reported issues with cleaning because general design of the birdcage. So please be extra mindful of these when adjusting the device. Please read the section above "blue balls" for further information about that type of issue.

. Additional note: Pain (not mild discomfort) is an indication that your body is saying something is wrong. Please respect your body's limits and needs.

Locks - The device comes with a plain black or gold master lock. Most chastity devices use the standard size lock of most luggage locks, and many folks buy different locks that look more appealing to them. Some folks also enjoy coating the plastic lock or modifying it so that it can't be tampered with. More sophisticated chastity belts sometimes have custom locks and keys that are unique to their design.

Lubrication - The best solution for each person varies dramatically on this. Some people prefer no lubrication, and use a woman's stocking leg over the penis to help slide it into the device. Others prefer a water based lubes, as it washes out easily and is considered more sanitary. Others still prefer an oil based or even baby oil gel, as it lasts longer. Some folks use a water based to get the device on, then wash it out immediately and using a hair dryer (don't burn yourself!) to dry it out so that there's no lube left. Try different things. Others also use skin lotions (of all different types) to prevent dryness and irritation to the skin after more than a couple days of wear. Diaper rash lotions are regarded highly by some wearers. Again, it is a very personal thing, try different options until you see what works best for you.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "For myself, some lube is needed. I've also found that the of the shaft & testicle sack requires skin lotion since it's not getting as much air and freedom of movement and will dry out a bit for me. Test all different kinds for yourself to see what works. using a q-tip to apply it inside the shaft is the best method. I've gotten used to carrying a Q-tip for a myriad of reasons while locked up.

Prostate Milking - Opinions on the importance and value of this act varies within the chastity community. In short, prostate milking (or massage) is intentionally causing a man to release his ejaculate by massaging his prostate. This can be done manually with fingers or with most g-spot massagers, or other devices (such as the Aneros or rudeboy) that are specifically designed to manipulate the prostate. Here is a helpful video about it, and you can find more general information here and here. Please note, this is not something that can be done easily for all people, and often takes trial and error and can take upwards of 30 or even 60 minutes when you try it the first time. I have been told that as people become more accustomed to the sensations it becomes easier to accomplish. And the sensation is similar to urinating. Most men to not realize that they are being successfully milked when it happens (though they will definitely know when their prostate is being massaged) so the actual release of fluid is definitely not as satisfying as an orgasm. Some men can be massaged while still locked in their chastity device, other's can't. Again, it simply varies from person to person. For the prostate to be sufficiently full to have any success with this, usually requires at least 7 days of abstinence for most men. And those who incorporate this into their chastity lifestyle typically will milk the man somewhere between every 2 to 4 weeks.

Ring Hinge Irritation - please see the section above regarding scrotal sac irritation.

Security - This varies greatly for folks, just how secure the chastity device has to be for each person for the experience to be "just right" can vary dramatically. The Miller devices are "medium" security at best. They are made of hard poly-carbonate (similar to plastic) and ultimately can be cut off with a good pair of clippers (which might be best in case of emergencies anyway.) If you want something much more inescapable, these aren't for you. However, just how secure the device needs to be for your idea of fun might vary, and as a result there are many ways to modify the experience, with add-ons, different locks, piercings, etc. Experiences vary to the extremes. Ultimately, if it's important for your enjoyment that the device is 100% secure, you might want to look into some of the modifications listed below, or perhaps getting a genital piercing and using multiple locks. Many of the more expensive cages, or full chastity belt options (usually made of steel) are also another way to seek out a more secure chastity experience. For more information - see below for various links, modifications and add-ons.

Security : Pullouts - Some wearers report that they can't pull out of the back of the belt at all, while others report that they can slip out entirely by accident. If a wearer is able to extract their penis (and perhaps testicles as well) then obviously masturbation is still possible. One company "Kept for Her" produces add-on devices specifically for the Miller brand chastity cages, and they work well for approximately 50% of men who try them.

Security : Cheat Orgasms - Some have reported (and posted videos as proof) that they can shake the chastity cage enough to bring themselves to an unsatisfying orgasm. Other men are able to reach an orgasm within a chastity device by using a vibrator against it. How long until a man can cheat this way varies on a man's physical sensitivity, the device type and duration of chastity. Some KHs recommend incorporating prostate milking for longer term chastity play (more than 2 weeks) as a way to keep a man's libido more reasonable and controllable.

Shaving - this varies from person to person. Some people like to be as smooth as possible, others find longer hair doesn't get caught as much in the device as stubble does. Do whatever works for you. Obviously it's tough to shave while in the device, so many have "supervised" shaving every few days or so to keep the areas clean. What works best for shaving varies too. Bikini line shavers work best for some, straight razors, waxing, depilatories and electrolysis are all options.

Sleeping - For many, this is the toughest part of wearing the device. First, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. Either sleeping on your back (ideal) or side with a pillow under your leg will help you to have room to be comfortable. Some helpful suggestions - Urinate as much as possible prior to sleep. Try not drink too much fluid before bed, hydrate more in the morning and day if you can. If you wake at night, do your best to relax and urinate again. Some folks use ice to reduce swelling to help things relax as much as possible. Lastly, give it time. Opinions vary about how much pain you should put up with in order to training your body to become accustomed to sleeping the night in the belt. If you can't make it through a night at first, take the device off, try again the next day or so. You'll get more and more used to it if you follow suggestions.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "When I first started wearing the device I couldn't sleep for more than 2 hrs without waking from a painful straining erection. Now after practicing for a year, and taking some of their suggestions such as sleeping on my side, not drinking a lot of water before bed, and being patient with it and removing it after sincerely trying to sleep through the night - I am now able to make it 6-8 hrs without any real issue."
. Remarks by a another wearer: "In my case the erections were getting less in two months and i don't have to suffer the pain anymore. Your penis have to get used to the new thing. But never release yourself if you have enormous pain, then you will never get used to it. I'm wearing the cb now for 5 months and my G/F is delighted about it."
. Remarks by a another wearer: "I've heard folks recommend not drinking water before bed. I couldn't disagree more strongly with this, as the body needs to hydrate and not drinking water will not prevent or reduce the pressure from nocturnal erections in my experience. You just have to learn to sleep through it, you'll get used to it - so stop whining."

Urination - some men can urinate at the urinal in their device. Most need to sit down. Experience varies depending on your shape and size, if you wear an add on or not, etc. Ultimately it's something that I found for me takes a bit of practice (I definitely can't stand and pee safely) and is another reason why I keep q-tips around to help with aiming. Some wear a tissue over the end of the device to prevent any possible "messy drip" - I guess it's all just a personal and practice thing. It's important that you are able to easily urinate when relaxed in the belt - if this is not the case then the belt is very likely restricting blood flow as well and could be unhealthy.

Q: What are some modifications and/or additional equipment to use with the Miller CB cages?

Filling the Holes of the Miller's devices - Some wearers have found that their skin pushes out through the air and cleaning holes in the 6000/3000 belt and can become painful and/or pinch while wearing. As a result, some wearers have found that closing over the holes, either temporarily with tape or by filling the holes to be beneficial for them.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "Somewhere in the archives of this group, I've got a description of what I did a few years ago. Essentially, I bought a good 2 part epoxy glue and put tape on the inside of the top vent holes. Then I filled in a little, let it set, turned the tube to a different angle, filled in more, etc. (you can't do it all in one shot). The finish has yellowed, but after 2 years it's working just fine."
. Remarks by a board another wearer: "I recently used a clear silicone caulking in the holes to seal them, and so far it seems to be working quite well, although it's more opaque than the belt. Since I used a silicone based caulking, I have to use water based lubes or else it'll deteriorate the seal."

Points of Intrigue - often called "POI". These are from the manufacturer, and come in sets of 3 sizes. They are all designed for two primary goals, to make any arousal painful (to what degree depends on what size points used and the size of the penis' shaft) and to improve security. What size fits best for your purpose is up to you. Many people file down the points so they aren't as sharp, because by default they are sharp enough to mark in most cases and break skin in some other cases. Some wear the points on a short term basis, others report wearing them 24/7. They can certainly serve as a punishment tool.
. Remarks by one another wearer: "I can not fit anything but the smallest on my shaft, and they are terribly painful for me to wear, though my KH insists I keeps them around 'just in case. While I have only worn it for a very short period, and I found nothing "intriguing" about them at all - but my KH greatly enjoyed my painful whimpers."

Keep Sake Device - aka. "KSD" - http://www.keptforher.com - This is not made by the Millers, it is custom designed based upon your sizing requirements. This is designed to fit the shaft of the penis at the base of the cage to prevent pull out by making it tighter and adding friction - though some find it restricts urine or blood flow. Seems to be ideal for the "growers" but not functional for the "showers".
. Remarks by a another wearer: "I will sometimes wear my KSD during the day but my KH allows me to take it off at night, to give me a break from it and let me rest more "naturally" although she makes me lock it back on first thing in the morning."
. Remarks by a another wearer: "The KSD has been the perfect solution for me. There's no way to get out of the belt now, and even if I did find one, I'm sure that I couldn't get back into it so my KH would definitely find out."
. Remarks by a another wearer: "I had to modify the KSD in order to be able to urinate comfortably, fortunately I had access to a lathe and was able to modify it so that it works perfectly for me now."

Locked in Steel CB3000 Security Belt - http://www.lockedinsteel.com - This is a full waist restraining belt with an additional steel fixture that is placed between the rings of your plastic device.
. Remarks by a another wearer: "No one has yet reported to our knowledge of the effectiveness of this device, though it looks like it is based on several classic styles of more expensive chastity belts."

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Glossary of some common terms and expressions in the chastity community
• 2k - CB 2000
• 3k - CB 3000
• 5k - CB 5000
• 6k - CB 6000
• CB#### - Any of the CB-#000 models by the Miller's / A. L. Enterprises
• A-Ring - the base ring of the CB device
• B-Ring - the cage portion of the CB device
• Blue Balls - a slang term for the dull ache in the lower abdomen that can result from arousal without orgasm - wikipedia entry
• Cage - the portion of the CB device that encloses the shaft of the penis.
• Frenum - a piercing usually done laterally on the shaft of the penis, usually right behind the head.
• KH or K/H - The person who is the "Key Holder" for your chastity device's lock.
• Contract - usually a written contract between the KH and the caged male.
• KSD - Keep Sake Device - available at keptforher.com - This is a non-manufacturers add-on for the Miller's devices.
• Locking PIN - The pin which fits from the base ring through the top of the cage and is drilled to allow a lock to secure the device.
• Milking - Within the chastity community this usually means prostate milking, however in other communities it often simply means to have a traditional orgasm, usually by being masturbated.
• O-Ring - the base ring of the CB device (aka. A-ring)
• PA - Prince Albert piercing, done through the opening of the urethra and out of the bottom of the head of the penis.
• POI - Points of Intrigue, this is a manufacturers add-on.
• P-Spot - A nickname for the prostate.
• Prostate Milking - Please see the FAQ information above for more about this term.
• Ring Size (1 to 5) - 1 is the largest ring size, 5 is the smallest
• Solid Ring - The unhinged ring originally sold with the CB 2000
• S/O - A strap on dildo
• Stocking technique - Using the leg of a woman's stocking over the penis to slide it into the CB without lubrication.

Background and contacting

In early 2003 I started my journey into chastity play by purchasing a CB-3000. I quickly learned that if I were going to try to incorporate chastity play for more than a few hours at a time, I would benefit from the wisdom of those who had been down this road before me. I searched many forums and found that as I was using a Millers CB-3000, the Yahoo CB-3000 group was most helpful. However over time I also found that the majority of questions and issues were quite common. So, an FAQ was in order - and as such, this web page was born. As most of my experience was with using Miller's brand devices, and they seem to make up the great majority of other wearers, the balance of the information here will apply best to their designs.

Over the years, I've read and learned a great deal about all kinds of aspects of chastity play. And if you have a question that is not addressed here, or you feel that something is not 100% correct, then please join in the discussions on some of the forums listed above in helpful links section, or contact me. I hope you always remember to have fun - even if your idea of fun is the denial of "traditional" fun ;)

At some point in the near future I'll update this page with more information about more beginner level devices and user experiences. It's overdue. Until then...

Be well,

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